Our focus is positioning your student for success.


We are dedicated to working with parents and students to individually identify their goals and prepare the student for a rewarding college experience.


“I was so excited to find my acceptance letter in today’s mail to Boston College. As you know, I’ve been dreaming to play baseball for BC since I was 8 years old. Thank you for making dreams come true!”
— Scott, Student, Aliso Viejo, CA
“I’d like to thank you for all your valuable advice, support and patience over the past two years as Kate never would have gained acceptance to so many schools without your help. We are so excited that she is going to UC San Diego next year! Moreover, since financial aid was so important to our family, we truly value your Scholarships for Seniors program and coaching us on how to prepare winning applications for these scholarship committees!”
— Joanne, Parent, Los Angeles, CA
“Without your help, our daughter would never have been able to attend Harvard. The advice you provided on athletic recruitment and the marketing program you recommended for coaches, was just the ticket she needed. In addition, the insight you offered on her application and essays enabled her to stand out amongst the thousands of other applications the Harvard Admissions Office receives each year.”
— Howard, Parent, San Francisco, CA

Working to create your path to success

Oxford Advisors works with students and parents to customize a college preparation package that's best for him or her.  We assist students at any point in their school careers whether freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. 

We work with the student, parents and guidance counselor at any school to strategically plan a high school class schedule which encompasses appropriate courses to position the student on the right path. We also plan summer camps, jobs, internships, academic course or unique travel opportunities to better develop individuals for admission to a highly selective university. 


Here are some of the colleges and universities students have been admitted to through Oxford Advisors services; however, our list is extensive and we're here to find the right school for you!


“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and all the effort and time you put into helping me choose the finest school possible. It was incredible having to MAKE choices, and you really made the difference! Boston College is my ideal school and has been my #1 choice all along, yet without your guidance, I would never have been accepted. I can’t wait until the fall when school will start!”
— Claire, Student, Pleasanton, CA
“I am so thankful you agreed to work with us and made time for Molly, as we were late and weren’t able to start this process until the fall of her senior year, so I know how this made things difficult for your practice. What she learned from you and the materials you developed with her will be useful in college and beyond! In short, we believe your services were time and money well spent!”
— Pat, Parent, San Ramon, CA