Oxford Advisors wants you to be able to make an informed decision; whether is it about working with us or applying to a specific college. Below are frequently asked questions from our clients and our responses to them. However, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any other questions you may have. 

What does Oxford Advisors do?
Oxford Advisors works with students and parents to customize a college preparation package. We assist students at any point in their school careers whether freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. 

We work with the student, parents and guidance counselor at school to strategically plan a four year class schedule which encompasses honors and/or AP (accelerated programs) courses.  We also plan summer camps, jobs, internships, academic courses or unique travel opportunities to better position the student for admission to a highly selective university.

What makes Oxford Advisors different from other admissions consulting companies?
With over 25 years experience in college planning, admissions, financial aid, athletic recruitment and career advising, Oxford Advisors has enabled hundreds of students to secure admissions to the most competitive and finest academic institutions in the world.  

Oxford offers a more comprehensive portfolio of products and services than most our competitors and we have a commitment to service which is second to none.  We will get to know you personally, through one-on-one consultations and will devise the admissions strategy that will work best for your particular circumstances.  Simply put, we will maximize your admissions chances at the colleges and universities you are best suited for.

What payment options do you offer?
We recognize that each applicant is unique and has different admissions consulting needs.  You have the choice to select any one of our services on an individual basis or you can select a package which incorporates all of our services (which are detailed our Products & Services page – link here).  We have structured our products so that every potential client has the flexibility to utilize a service which will fit within even the most limited budgets.  We also have flexible payment plans available.

Can you tell me about your proprietary admissions database?
Over the years, we have worked with a significant number of applicants across a wide variety of schools.  By analyzing our clients’ acceptance rates we increase our knowledge of schools’ admissions patterns, such as preferences for specific story themes, the most optimal application rounds to target and even degrees of flexibility with SAT and ACT scores.

Will you write my essays and personal information for me?
Oxford Advisors does provide extensive guidance to its clients on the essay and personal statement portions of their applications. We offer suggestions on both content and expression where we see opportunities for improvement and proofread essays and personal statements for spelling, grammar and usage. However, these essays are supposed to reflect your unique personality and as a result, does not write essays for students. 

Can Oxford Advisors provide service outside of California?
Yes, as a virtual company, Oxford Advisors is set up to provide seamless consulting services by taking advantage of all modern communication mediums.  We are proud to serve a diverse clientele of applicants across the United States.

How extensive are the services you provide to Student-Athletes?
Oxford’s services are all encompassing, as we will identify and develop a target marketing program for schools where you can play.  We even research their college rosters or talk to coaches to identify their needs to ensure they will have an interest for an athlete who plays your position.  We will also provide a comprehensive listing of schools, guidance on enhancing this list so you will have a single source of information.  We will help you to produce an athletic resume which will capture the attention of college coaches.  In addition, Oxford Advisors provides advice on producing an eye catching and informative video, counseling on preparing for an interview with coaches and athletic directors and a marketing campaign which will enable you to develop a favorable relationship with the coaches of your preferred schools.  We will then prepare you for recruiting visits to your top five schools and how to evaluate these schools so you can make the right decision.

How did your company get started in the admissions consulting business?
Before Oxford Advisors was formed, Cliff, the company’s founder, spent over 20 years as volunteer Director of the Alumni Admissions Program for Boston College.  In this capacity, he worked closely with the Admissions Office and directed a large group of alumni volunteers in California.  Here he learned the behind the scenes details of college admissions at a highly selective university, had the opportunity to coach and work with students throughout the state and was successful in enabling hundreds of applicants to secure admission to this very popular institution.  In addition, Cliff managed and directed the college admission process for his own children.  All three were collegiate athletes and community leaders who enjoyed their undergraduate experience on their respective campuses at Dartmouth, Villanova and Wesleyan University.  It was through these efforts that Cliff developed a passion for this field and ultimately inspired the creation of Oxford Advisors, LLC.

Didn't get your question answered? Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any other questions you may have.